What types of houses draw your eye?

My friend posted the following on facebook and it got my thinking…

We all live in boxes.
It’s kind of silly how ridiculously often I daydream about living in a box that’s more like this.
(The only thing I would change is I don’t like that white gate pattern above the white screened porch. But everything else is luscious to me.)
My dream would be to buy an old fully restored farmhouse. But even if I built a new from scratch, I would build it in the old world style.
Houses in England are what I love the most.
How about you? I love an English cottage so much that I’ve wondered if it was passed down to me genetically to have an affinity for their look. That’s how strongly I feel about them!
What types of houses draw your eye?

My response was:

This will be a fun post for me to follow. I have several jobs that involve a lot of driving around and every time I’m driving around I catch myself just in awe – just staring at every home I see and being in love with it.
Victorian’s from the 1890s-1910s are my very favorite but every style I love for different reasons. I’m just obsessed with homes.

  • I’m a real estate agent, studying what’s on the market and getting paid to show people and help them find what they love.
  • I sell custom wood doors, visiting most of the huge mansions being built in Utah and a lot of them in other states and seeing what people with basically unlimited money come up with.
  • I deliver amazon, walking up to hundreds of doors every week and getting a close up view of homes all over the Wasatch front.
  • I run a website and youtube channel where I document historic buildings and homes.

For a home lover I have the perfect life.

I really do love it, I feel like my life revolves around my passion and all of my work is just me out loving and enjoying what I love.

Author: Jacob Barlow

I live in Utah, exploring and documenting whatever I find. I am also a real estate agent helping people all over Utah.

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