Realtor Mindset

I recently joined a few facebook groups for realtors in hopes of having some nice inspiration and just being around like-minded people online but I was surprised by what I found.

I found constant posts complaining about everything from other agents to their own clients – complaining that the client won’t just hurry and pick a house and is too picky or any number of things that I happen to think are part of the job.

I’ve always believed that people who are unhappy in their job should find a new one because we all deserve to be happy. To me, being an agent means my job is to help you, my client, get what you want. It doesn’t matter if I think it’s a good thing to want or not if you want it I want to help you get it. I’ve seen a few posts in the groups complaining that a buyer wanted to back out of a deal and the agent was asking other agents how to convince them to stick with it and buy the home, how to “get them” to buy it. That is sad to me – I don’t ever want to “get” someone or “convince” them to do something they aren’t in love with the idea of doing.

It has been eye-opening to see what they say when their clients aren’t around, that’s for sure.

Author: Jacob Barlow

I live in Utah, exploring and documenting whatever I find. I am also a real estate agent helping people all over Utah.

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